The ‘Swiss Army Knife ‘of content creation.

—Stephan Speligene of Roux, LLC.



Jill C.

“Brenan is the consummate design professional. His work is visually beautiful, innovative and on point. He also brings a keen understanding of design and journalism to the job and is always able to do his work on deadline. Brenan is a highly skilled, creative design professional whose work and work-style make him a valued team member. His work has earned him numerous local and national awards, all of which are well-deserved.”

Stephen D.

“Brenan is one of the most talented designers in media today. He brought a fresh perspective to [our website] and also brought back to life our social network strategy, dramatically increasing referrals from Facebook and Twitter. Brenan is an A+ player and has my unqualified recommendation.”

Victor L.

“Brenan is an outstanding designer who goes above and beyond simply producing great art (which he does). He takes part in our editorial process from start to finish and collaborates closely with reporters and editors in order to come up with appropriate, and most importantly, accurate designs for stories and features. Brenan has won many awards for his great work and has been a wonderful collaborator.”